Friday, January 29, 2010

CCCX Fall DH Finale Preview

1082C7DA-1989-4391-98D4-5DD6BBE8445D.jpgThis weekend is the finale of the CCCX Fall Downhill series and here's a preview:
After some steady rains the dirt at Toro Park is in the perfect condition for trail maintenance and construction. The CCCX Crew has been hitting the digging pretty hard the past week and now the final race course of the 2009-10 Winter Series is dialed in fully. The course is going to be very similar to race #1. Speeds will be super fast right out of the start. The top roller coaster fire road section has been cleaned and re-built for ultimate numbers to be reached on riders speedometer's. The start section of trail is like a freeway, mixed in with gravity filled roller coaster dips that make a rider feel as if they are on some type of Olympic style Ski run where tucking and aerodynamics bring out extra M.P.H. for the racers. The race route then dips into a new cut section of trail with some air opportunity for the jumpers and some berm chances for riders who can ride a rail to maintain speed. More single-track switch back sections are to follow, before the trail flows into the finishing area. This course has the highest speed average of all the Toro DH trails, and the dirt traction is the best it has been all year. The racing is going to be top notch, and the entire trail will be ripping. Division Champions will be crowned at the end of the day.
The CCCX race is held at Toro Park between Monterey and Salinas, California on Sunday.

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