Saturday, January 02, 2010

CCCX DH #4 Preview

Tomorrow is the first MTB race of the new decade:
Trail traction is optimal currently at Toro Park. Recent rains have made the traction sweet and the forecast is set for a clear weekend of racing action. A course similar to race #2 of the Fall/Winter Series will be used for race #4. Please have a look at the photos from race #2. Berms and additional jumps have been added to the new trail created for the CCCX DH races. The course is going to be railing and very high speed for race #4, as the trails at Toro Park keep getting better and better. This time of the year trail work is being done on a regular basis to the Downhill routes in Toro Park. The berm turns have been built up and new additions to the trail have been added. Course #4 is going to be good!
Via 2009 CCCX Downhill Race Series.

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