Thursday, March 11, 2010

Santa Cruz (Re)Buys Swobo

swobo.trans.logo.pngNorCal bike builder Santa Cruz Bikes has purchased NorCal bike fashion and builder Swobo:
Santa Cruz Bicycles has purchased Swobo outright, buying out Tim Parr’s minority interest in the company.

Santa Cruz Bicycles originally bought the company in 2001 from Parr. Swobo’s original founder Parr stepped back into the picture in 2004 as a minority owner. Swobo was founded in 1991 by Parr.

Swobo, originally built on its popular bike apparel, really came into its own when Sky Yaeger came on board as managing director in 2006, launching the company’s first bike line. The Northern California company’s single speeds and fixies became an instant hit with the urban crowd.

Last September Swobo consolidated operations and opened up a new sales office in Santa Cruz, California, near its warehouse. In conjunction with the new office opening, the Sausalito, California office closed.
Via Santa Cruz Buys Swobo

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