Friday, March 05, 2010

SB Winter Series #2 Preview

At least one of the races this weekend is definitely on...
The Race Is A Go..

As the morning rain clears we are still committed to running the event Saturday. We will be out marking tomorrow and Friday and will let you know of more developments as we learn them. At this point, all we can do is to provide a great course and control as much as we can without worrying about the weather. That means we will be making every effort to do speedy results so you can race, win, podium and leave as quickly as possible. Beginners, Sports, and Experts podiums will be done as soon as we have enough finishers from each category to do so.

We will be providing little packets of hand warmers/work well on the feet too, to those who would like them at sign ups until we run out! Hoping for a break in the rain Saturday by 10 am for a great start to the race!
via SB Racing website.

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Anonymous said...

The weather was perfect! The course was way challenging - one thing I love about these SB Racing series races is that they are true cross country mtn bike races... one long grinding course instead of 4,5,6 laps round and round the same track like a dirt crit. If you're looking for a challenge try an SB Racing xc race. They do a great job marking a challenging course with a wide variety of terrain and trail conditions. Yesterday at Ft Ord featured tons of single track, both swoopy descents and technical climbs; lung-burning canyon-climbing fire roads I feared would never end; mud puddles, sand pits, rut webs, hard pack sand, gravelly two tracks; the views from the ridge tops were awesome and the full tilt descents took ones breath away; somewhere around 18 miles total I think for the Sports and Beginners, way more for the Experts I hear. The organizers do a great job and are really working hard to put together a quality event. I drive 3-4 hours to race this series and it's been worth the time.
Thanks Brian... it was great, again.

See ya next time.
Bruce Lodge
Tuolumne CA