Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Billy Cross Racing Announces 2006 Schedule

I don't have a lot of information, as it looks like this just got posted this morning, but Billy Cross Racing has finally announced their 2006 MTB schedule:
  • April 1st April 29th (XC / Bogg's Mountain)
  • April 2nd April 30th (NorCal HS Championship / Bogg's Mountain)
  • April 15th (XC / Lake Sonoma)
  • April 23rd (XC / Bogg's Mountain)
  • May 14th (8-Hour Team Race / Bogg's Mountain)
  • June 4th (XC / Bogg's Mountain)
  • June 25th (8-hour Team Race / Lake Sonoma)
  • July 2nd (XC / Lake Sonoma)
  • August 13th (XC / Bogg's Mountain)
  • September 3rd (6-Hour Team Race / Bogg's Mountain)
  • September 17th (6-Hour Team Race / Lake Sonoma)
  • October 1st (XC / Bogg's Mountain)
  • October 15th (XC / Lake Sonoma)
These are NORBA sanctioned races and require a license (one day licenses available onsite). Fees and registration are detailed here. I'll be updating this story throughout the week as more information becomes available.
UPDATE (03/29/06): The April 1 & 2 races have been rescheduled. See here.

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