Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reno Wheelmen Announce 2006 Twilight MTB Series

The Reno Wheelmen has posted their mountain bike racing schedule for 2006. This Reno, NV local XC racing series is held on Thursday nights throughout the spring and summer and should nicely fill in the regional racing gap in May and June. The series encompasses both the Twilight MTB (TMTB) series, which start at 6:30 PM, and the Sierra Youth Cycling League (SYCL), which start at 4:30 PM. The races cost $5 per race and registration is held onsite. Race dates and locations (with nice google maps) are detailed below:
April 13: Hidden Valley (TMTB & SYCL)
April 27: Keystone Twilight (TMTB & SYCL)
May 4: Keystone Twilight (TMTB & SYCL)
May 11: Peavine Hillclimb (TMTB & SYCL)
May 25: Hidden Valley (TMTB & SYCL)
June 8: TBA Centenial Park (TMTB)
June 15: TBA River Banks (TMTB)
June 22: TBA Peavine Hillclimb (TMTB)
June 29: Keystone Twilight (TMTB Final)
As you can see, there are still a number of TBDs to be filled in. We'll keep you updated as they resolve these dates.
UPDATE (3/19/06): Filled in TBDs and changed finals location.

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