Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RACE REPORT: Corral Hollow Downhill 2006

I haven't seen the official CHDH results posted here yet , but we are starting to get a lot of race report and photos posted so I wanted to pass them along:
I'll update this when I see the official results posted. Of course, there is also some bitching about the race organization over at the RideMonkey forums. So while I've read the complaints (couldn't attend as I was sick this weekend with the flu), I saw all the preparations that the RideSFO guys went through to pull this race off and if the worst glitch was not having a few medals on hand, I would consider it a raging success.

Props to the RideSFO guys for bringing some gravity to NorCal.

UPDATE (03/30/06): Results posted.
UPDATE (04/01/06): dhRENO has a race report.

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