Friday, March 10, 2006

Norcal Racing This Weekend: Mar 11-12, 2006

It's a big (and probably snowy) weekend of NorCal MTB racing this weekend:
  • Saturday: There are two events on tap: Sand Hill #3 (MTX) and TBF's Chanoko MTB Dualathlon #2.
    • Sand Hill #3 is P&R Sports Mountain Cross third race of the spring series. The lone Bay Area event this weekend, Sand Hill Ranch is just north of Livermore, CA. Signup and practice for the races begin at 8 AM, while qualifying starts at 10:30 AM. While this race is mountaincross (MTX), the next race in the series is dual slalom (DS).
    • Chanoko MTB Duathlon #2 will be held at Folsom Lake Recreational Area (near Granite Bay, CA). The duathlon is a 2-mile run, 10 mile mountain bike and another 2 mile run race through the park grounds. The course is relatively flat with some rolling hills and singletrack. The race cost $45 until race day when it rises to $55. You can register online at the website. Registration opens 6:30 AM with racing at 9:00 AM.
  • Sunday: Two more events on tap: TBF's MTB Challenge 3 and the 14th Annual Cool Mountain Bike Race.
    • MTB Challenge #3 is be held on the same grounds as Saturday's dualathlon (Folsom Lake Recreational Area in Granite Bay, CA) with a slightly different course map. Depending upon your division, you will be doing 1, 2 or 3 laps of the 10 mile course. The race is $40 (rising to $50 on race day) and you can also sign up at the website.
    • The 14th Annual Cool Mountain Bike Race takes you over the muddy trails of the Olmstead Loop trail near Auburn, CA to benefit local trail maintainers. Each lap is about 10 miles, with beginners doing one lap, sport two laps and experts three. The race starts around 10:30 AM after a mandatory riders meeting. The race is limited to 425 riders -- I am not sure if registration is still open or not. Check the website for more details.
Although there are forecasts for snow (yes, I said SNOW!) in the area on Saturday, I will be riding in the Cool Mountain Bike Race this Sunday. If I get some time today, I will post a scouting report on the Olmstead Loop trail conditions.

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