Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CCCX DH #1 Update

It's downhill update day! I got an update from the CCCX DH organizer (thanks Keith!) about this weekend's kickoff race down in Monterey:

  • Race #1 is about 1.7 miles in length and features fire roads, single track, switch backs, tight sections and open sections. The dirt is hard packed and there is loose sections and tire choice will be at a premium. Most of the trail is on fun riding sections and there is one small pedaling section to check your fitness. There is also water bars on most of this course so be sure and pay attention when on route.
  • This weekend's course is a mixture of everything in the 4 minute plus run. Keith estimates that "most racers will take around 4:30 or so to do this course. Some will be closer to 4 minutes, others closer to 5 minutes."
  • To get to the start, you hike up Barlow Canyon trail. There will be maps provided at registration for the course route and the hiking route to the start.
  • There will be registration and course inspection on Saturday (8/19/06) from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The course will not be fully marked until this time(2:00 p.m.). Riders must follow all park rules when inspecting the course on Saturday before the Sunday race. Toro Park bicycle speed limits are in effect and riders must control speed and share trails with other park users.
  • Race day practice on Sunday (8/20) is from 8:00 am to 11:45 am. First time trial run is 12 noon. This is a time trial format. One rider will be sent on course at a time, time gaps will be 1 minute between starts. It takes approximately 30-35 minutes to hike to the start. Be sure and allow enough time when leaving parking/registration area to make it to the start and your selected start time. You should head to the start 40 minutes before your scheduled start time just to allow enough time.
Subsequent races may use different course or areas within the park. See the full details for the race series over at CCCX DH page.


Anonymous said...


I am sure with Keith doing the course set up there will be some good riding going on!

The hike to the start should be a good warm up and then the racing begins!

Ive been out there before to Toro Park and there is some serious elevation gains! Should be some cool racing!

Johny O.

Anonymous said...

I was out there today and the course is pretty sweet. Not too extreme but fast in some sections and some cool switchback single track sections. It is easy to over shoot some of the turns and get off line for the next section. Should be interesting.....

Matt C.
Sport Division