Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cal State Championship Series (Details)

A good thread over at MTBR explains the California State Championship series split into NorCal and SoCal plus the one day championship. Some of the text:
For years mountain bike racers have enjoyed the California State Championship Series. With races as far south as San Diego and as far north as Humboldt County, the series provided racers with opportunities to experience the varied terrains and beauty of California. But the series was also at times very difficult due to the sheer size of the state, with racers sometimes facing a round trip of 1500 miles or more. So for 2007 the state was divided in two to create a Southern California State Championship Series and a Northern California State Championship Series, with Team Bigfoot coordinating the NorCal races and Team Big Bear seeing to the details of the SoCal series.

It wasn’t long before some sharp racer asked, “If I win my NorCal title and someone down South takes my category’s SoCal title, who’s the overall California State Champ?” So Team Bigfoot CEO Vic Armijo worked with Tom Spiegel of Team Big Bear in taking a page from NORBA’s pro championship and doing one-day events for each discipline, Cross-Country, Short-Track XC, Super-D and Downhill. For ’07 the coveted overall California State Championship will be decided at the Sock Guy Lagrange Fall Classic in Weaverville, California. Next year the overall will be decided in SoCal, probably Big Bear and Fontana. “Ideally we would have liked to have the overall event earlier in the season,” says Armijo, “But the only other NorCal venue on the calendar that could host all the disciplines is the Bigfoot Classic, which due to scheduling constraints has to be the same weekend as the USA Cycling National Championships in Mt. Snow, Vermont.”

So Weaverville it is, located about 30-minutes West of Redding.
When they talk about Weaverville, this is the Lagrange Fall Classic on October 21st weekend.

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