Monday, April 02, 2007

RACE REPORT: 2007 Pre Otter

Team Bigfoot hosted the annual Pre Otter this weekend and results have been posted over at MTBR. Although it looks like there were some of the normal early season course problems, it looks like it was some good racing:
"The Pro race was the best show of the day, with Carl Hesslein and John "Fuzzy" Mylne going off the front early and staying neck and neck for the rest of the race. Going into the final climb Hesslein used his gearier versus Fuzzy's single-speeder to pulled alongside Fuzzy. Hesslein clicked through the gears to power by a spun-out Fuzzy on the next straight, pulling a bike-length by the final corner where the Fuzzster did a banzai inside move that put him even with Hesslein for the sprint to the finish. It was too close to call and we had to go to the was Carl Hesslein by about six inches!"
Haven't seen any pictures, but I will update this post when they surface.

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