Thursday, April 26, 2007

NorCal Racing This Weekend: April 27 - 29

This weekend you've got lots of racing options, but chances are you'll need a bit of a roadtrip to get there:
  • Up north is this year's running of the annual Shasta Lemurian. Held north of Redding, CA, the Lemurian is the traditional opening of the "Way NorCal" racing season. You can see maps and photos from last year's events in the archives.
  • Billy Cross racing is back with a new name ("Lake Sonoma Series"), a new look and new organizers in the North Bay. From the organizers at "With the help of many volunteers, nearly 200 man hours of work has gone into revitalizing 4.5 miles of some of the funnest, twistiest single track this side of the moon. The original Billy Cross races are back, under new directorship, and under a new name - The Lake Sonoma Series. 6 races, six months. Registration is only $20 and it includes burgers and drinks! There aren't even any freaking NORBA fees!!"
  • Finally, this weekend also bringa the closest pass of NORBA to Norcal. The 2007 Firestone Walker is now a NORBA event so if you want to see the big show, truck down towards San Luis Obispo.
It should be a great weekend.


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