Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RACE REPORT: 2007 Boggs II

Results for the 2007 edition of Boggs, Boggs II, have been posted. The organizers posted the following wrapup on their website:
"From start to finish I felt pretty good about the day. We planned for 200 riders, and we got pretty darn close. 30 showed up for same-day registration in addition to the 159 pre-registered for a total of 189 participants. Cumulatively you guys churned out nearly a million of feet of climbing and several thousand miles in distance. If we were passing a baton that amount of effort would have taken it half way around the planet.

A huge thank you to several people. First, I have to thank the volunteers for their extremely hard work. You guys are the reason why people enjoyed themselves on Saturday. You cooked, cheered, handed out water, wrote down times, laid out the course, and after all was said and done we worked together to pick up every single gu wrapper, water bottle, lost bike part, and plastic particle you could find.
Through registrations and donations we raised over $2,500 for the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the Sonoma County Trails Council. YOU GUYS ROCK."
Here's a quick GPS plot of the course:
Results are posted here. Hundreds of photos are posted here.

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