Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CCCX DH #4 Preview

torodh.jpgThe course preview for the 4th CCCX downhill race of the season has been posted:

CCCX #4 Course Profile: The Course has been selected for race #4 and it features all aspects of downhill MTB racing. There are many high speed sections where the racing is wide open. There are also many tight and difficult turns where traction is minimal and line selection is paramount. This particular route has off camber sections, drop-in sections, and water-bar sections that will test the rider and their equipment. The course descends 1000 vertical feet over 1.7 miles, and the trail is quite steep in many places.

The promoter also wanted to pass along that the last three races of the series will also be fund raisers for Mr E (of Mr E's Bike Shop in Aptos, CA). Mr. E stacked hard at last weekend's Race for Tara, resulting in a helicopter ride and hospital stay in Walnut Creek. There will be raffle tickets available at each of the races with a raffle at the final event (on the new date, December 29th). All proceeds will go to Mr E to offset his hefty medical bills.

The CCCX DH race is this Sunday (11/25/07) at Toro Park between Monterey and Salinas, CA (Toro Park location map). You can check out past CCCX DH race results and find out more details in the archives.

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