Friday, November 02, 2007

CCCX Fall DH #3 Preview

cccx dh 2 2.jpgHere's the course preview for the rescheduled CCCX Fall DH #3 that is this Sunday near Monterey:
The race route for the 3rd event of the CCCX FALL/WINTER DH Series will be a fast course with some new additions added to spice up the racing action. The last winner of this route was Mark Weir (WTB/Santa Cruz), who said the course was just right and that he liked the DH trail very much. Most of the trail is either high speed fire roads or tight single track with switch-backs and blind turns that are off camber. There are a few new additions added to the trail, one is a steep drop in section that has never been used before in competition. This addition highlights a already fun middle section of the course where breaking and line selection will determine who makes it thru fastest. The trail descends approximately 1000 vertical feet, and the dirt traction is getting softer, but is still very dry and lose in most sections. This trail is one of the more high speed routes within Toro Park, but still features some tricky corners that will test your turning and breaking ability.
They have also changed the final date for the Fall CCCX DH series to December 30th ("New Years Downhill Classic"). For information on past CCCX DH races, check the archives.

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