Friday, November 16, 2007

Tara Llanes Story

Apropos of this weekend's race, Sicklines has a link to a local Denver video broadcast on Tara Llanes:
"CBS posted a video on Tara Llanes showing her determination and strong will to never give up. “Courage isn’t all sound and fury, sometimes its the will to go on”" (Via Sick Lines » CBS Denver Story: Tara Llanes)
Thanks to the folks at Sicklines for posting this. There is also an important announcement on getting to the race:
Contra Costa county has decided to do construction ON VASCO RD Sat 11/17 & Sun 11/18. They say as much as 2 HOUR DELAYS ARE EXPECTED!! Alternate routs are: from 580 take mountain house exit to Byron hwy to camino diablo from 680 you can take marsh creek rd or hwy 4 in to brentwood. please check google or something for best route from your area.

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