Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TBF Racing Announces "Mountain Bike Kick Start"

In addition to their previously announced MTB Challenge and possible Friday night racing, TBF Racing will be having a pre-season kickoff event for those new to MTB XC racing:
"The MTB Kick Start has a 1-lap Novice and Junior division, a Sport and Single Speed division with 2-laps, and a 3-lap Expert division. Each lap is 7 miles of challenging, scenic, fast single track trails, up and down the foothills surrounding Folsom Lake.

The MTB Kick Start race course is on multi-use trails within the Granite Bay State Park on Folsom Lake. The course features a fun, challenging combination of twisting single-track, wide double track, rolling cross-country with some sand and a bit of pavement. The course is perfect for first-timers and exciting fun for all levels, the faster you go the more fun it is!
" (Via TBF Racing events Mountain Bike Kick Start)
This race will be Sunday, January 20th, 2008. Looks like a great opportunity for people to get their start racing. I'll post more details as we get towards December.

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