Monday, September 01, 2008

2008 Clif Bar MTB Challenge

clifbar_challenge.jpgSorry if I missed this earlier, but it appears that there will be a new TBF Racing XC event this month. The Clif Bar MTB Challenge on September 27th will feature:
"an awesome six-mile course that Expert division riders will do 3 times, Sport riders twice Novice riders and Junior riders complete one lap ... We have the best mountain bike course which includes 6 miles of rolling twisting single track, wide jeep trails, some easy, and some not-so-easy climbs and descents. The course is fine for all levels."
The race will be held at Granite Beach next to Folsom Lake and the course looks similar to the MTB Challenge events (click on picture to see PDF map of course).

You can pre-register for the race at (ignore the location as it says it is at Ranco Seco which is quite a ways south of Folsom Lake). Pre-registeration is $40 and day of race registration is $50.

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