Friday, September 26, 2008

rideSFO Bike Expo and Swap

frontflyer550.jpgWith the elimination of this year's SF VeloSwap, RideSFO (they guys behind the Corral Hollow DH series) have stepped up with their own bike swap meet:
"WHERE: Cow Palace - San Francisco/Daly City, CA
WHEN: 10 AM to 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday, November 29-30 2008

It is a 2 day event for maximum exposure at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Vendors and bike shops have a chance to sell current or previous season’s merchandise. Team/Clubs, non-profits, indivduals, can buy, sell and trade. And see the latest from various vendors. The Cow Palace boasts over 75,000 square feet and a 15,000 attendee capacity.

General Admission will be $10 per day. $8 pre-sale. $15 2 day pre-sale. Tickets will be available at Ticket Master and the Cow Palace Box Office. 12 and under will be FREE!

Booth Registration is open now! To get more info. Go HERE!

Read the latest news on the Expo and Swap here!"
Via rideSFO Expo_and_Swap after the tip off from the folks at dhRENO.

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