Friday, September 26, 2008

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: 9/26 - 9/28

It's about the last BIG weekend of racing here in Norcal:

WhiskeytownLogo4TBBWeb.jpgToday marks the start of the Whiskeytown Classic up north just west of Redding, CA. It's a full three days of racing, starting with this afternoon's short track race at 4PM. This is followed by cross country race on Saturday morning and a Super D on Sunday. The XC race features 10 mile laps with 1400' climbing/lap while the Super D is a three mile descent. The racing costs between $20 - $35 depending on the event.

Tomorrow is a full day of XC racing across Northern California:
  • In the North Bay, the 5th edition of the Lake Sonoma Series starts at 10AM. Located just west of Healdsburg (in aptly named Lake Sonoma Recreational Area), this monthly race features tough singletrack and costs $20.

  • In the Sacramento region, TBF Racing presents the first CLIF MTB Challenge at Folsom Lake. It's a six mile course that goes out to Doton's Point and back (looks similar to the MTB Challenge courses). Beginners will do one lap, Sport two laps and expert three laps. This race will set you back $50 on race day.
  • Further east near Reno, the Sky Tavern Resort will host the Sky Tavern Classic. Starting on Saturday morning, the XC race will cover 6 miles laps (with one to four laps depending on class). Sunday will feature a downhill race through tight singletrack (somewhere around 2.5 minutes long).
The MTB racing schedule starts to get a bit thin after this weekend, so please take advantage ...

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