Thursday, September 25, 2008

Race for Tara 2 Update

An update from the folks out at Sand Hill about the upcoming Race for Tara 2:
The Race4Tara-2 benefit race is heating up. A temporary flyer is now being distributed and the sponsors will be firmed up at Interbike next week. Again, will have all race and Tara info (who will be here this time to autograph T-shirts, etc). We will have an Industry Cup class this year, too, so if you're in the industry, c'mon down!

Until then (Nov 8 is the race), the bicycle park is closed. We are having work detail weekends on Oct 18 & 19, and 25 &26 if you'd like to join us. Practice will open on Oct 31/Nov 1 weekend (10 am to 5 pm, Sat & Sun, $12-practice).

After the Tara race, Sunday, Nov 9 we will be closed for a Collegiate race, hosted by the UC Berkeley cycling team). There will be amateur categories as well so feel free to come race (I'll get a link from them and post it next week).
More as it becomes available.

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