Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Downieville Status

The folks up the mountain at Downieville Outfitters wrote to share the current Sierra conditions:
Fall is upon the Downieville Downhill, and some of the best conditions of the season are upon us. The fall rains pack down the dust, the trails get tacky like velcro and the fall colors entertain the eyes.

Riders will be able to check the Downieville conditions web page for trail conditions at: http://www.downievilleoutfitters.com/conditions.php

The Condition Reports are to help inform riders just how deep into the season we can ride the high country - and how great the dirt conditions can be. Riders usually think Downieville trails are shut down after the first significant storm, when it is sometimes rideable through Thanksgiving. A few years ago, rideable even into December.

We will be updating the conditions reports bi-weekly and/or after any storm rolls through.

So squeeze every last day of the high country adventure riding in before we are hemmed in to the repetitive local ride all winter.
They'll be updating the conditions every other week.

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