Saturday, October 04, 2008

Live Wire Classic Weather Update

rain.gif For those of you heading up the mountain for Sunday's Northstar at Tahoe Live Wire Classic, you take a look at the weather update before you leave. There is talk of snow at higher elevations.

Check out or call 530.562.2268 for the most current and up to date information.

UPDATE (11:45AM): Northstar has closed the MTB Park today: "Due to environmental concerns we have decided to not open today. When it rains and we create mud we have the chance of that mud being washed into the sensitive drianages that surround the bike park. Protecting our environment is our number 1 priority. We all do our very best to try and have the park open and be able to provide a top quality riding experience. We hope to be open tomorrow and still hold the 2nd annual Live Wire Classic. A decision on opening will be made by 8:30 am."

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