Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NMBS Morphs Into US Cup For 2009

Here is a really good and in-depth article from The Cycling News about the death of the long running NORBA Nationals / NMBS series and the new US Cup series that hopes to take it's place:
"With the demise of the National Mountain Bike Series (NMBS) held annually in the United States, North American mountain bikers were left wondering 'What's next?'. Going into the 2009 season, Team Sho-Air's Scott Tedro has stepped up to lead an effort to create a new national-level series: the US Cup.

The proposed US Cup would include races in Fontana, Laguna Seca and Los Olivos, California; Fountain Hills, Arizona; Angel Fire, New Mexico; Windham, New York; and Mt. Snow, Vermont, many of which were popular NMBS venues. Nearly all of the races, running from late March through early August, would award UCI points. Furthermore, the series would pay equal prize money to elite men and women and aim to provide a 'very rewarding' experience for amateur racers."
The only NorCal events on this year's US Cup schedule are the Sea Otter Classic (Monterey, CA) and the Santa Ynez Cup (Los Olivos, CA).


Mizzle said...

When is Mammoth coming back?#%&!

Anonymous said...

When they decide to pull their heads out of their ass. Maybe when they decide to work on the trails they already have, instead of building new crapy trails. :P