Friday, October 17, 2008

NorCal MTB Racing This Weekend: 10/18 - 10/19

The 2008 race list is rapidly dwindling and this weekend is really the last big endurance race weekend for (maybe) the year. But it's a good weekend:
  • This afternoon, Team Bigfoot's Lagrange Fall Classic begins up north in Weaverville, CA. And I say "begins" because it's a full weekend of racing: Super D, Downhill, Cross Country and Short Track. Check over on the website for the full schedule of events and course descriptions. Team Bigfoot always puts on a great event, so if you haven't made it up yet this season, you really owe it to yourself.
  • Tomorrow is the Lake Sonoma Classic finale. Held out at Lake Sonoma Recreation Area (North of San Francisco near Healdsburg), it's your last chance for XC singletrack racing.
For those looking for a road trip, the Fall Classic is going on down south.

And if you didn't get the message, "The Quick and the Dead" and the "Shanon Ridge Showdown" were both canceled a ways back.

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