Friday, February 12, 2010

CXSR Finale Tomorrow

mime-attachment.gifTomorrow is the end of the Bike Monkey's Cyclocross series in Santa Rosa:
Cyclocross Santa Rosa 2010 is coming to a close on Valentines Day weekend. February 13th, and at Doyle Park near downtown Santa Rosa to be exact. This year we switched up the format a bit, starting the A’s a little earlier than normal. That’s gone quite well, and now we’re coming to a close. To celebrate another fun season of friendly, muddy cross racing we’re offering up “Ladies Day”. That’s right. Women race for free at our next cross race. There’s nothing special do to except show up and convince us you’re a lady, then sign a waiver. We don’t ask for much.
Racing starts at 9am (but goes throughout the day) in Doyle Park. Full details at Bike Monkey website.

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