Monday, February 22, 2010

Downieville Classic Registration On Hold

136F0394-3648-4F18-9EC0-C8BE8945816E.jpgFollowing last weekend's mixup, and then the subsequent reschedule for this Friday night, Downieville Classic registration is now of HOLD:
I have always believed that the Downieville Classic was in some way, my family reunion. A gathering of like minded human beings; loving, caring for each other, providing support to one another, all while competing on some of the best and most demanding race courses in the world. I have spent my entire adult life "promoting" the Classic ... This little hick-up with registration has taught me a lesson, and one that I will unfortunately carry with me for a long time. It seems like every year there's something that makes me say, "this is the last year", and for the most part these thoughts of throwing my hands up and quitting have come from acts of either mother nature or the federal government, but never from the people I cared about and considered my mountain bike family.

In regards to registration for the Downieville Classic: a mountain bike race, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, that causes its people to act without affection towards one another. We’re all going to take a break. This mishap with registration was perhaps that proverbial tap on the shoulder from an old friend that says, "spend some time with your family. Love your wife. Look after your children. Take care of yourself".

I know I originally said registration would open on Friday February 26th, however after a weekend of being bombarded with negative emails and undermining phone calls, I'm taking a break; therefore, registration is now on hold for the Downieville Classic, until further notice. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I have a Trail Stewardship grant due on Friday, which is focused on building NEW mountain bike trails in the Downieville area, and I need to focus on this and get back to center. Something we obviously all need to do, as human beings, and as friends who have been coming to the Downieville Classic over the years.

A word of advise: Don’t be so quick to judge and tear one another down. Empower your friends by setting the example. Show some love and support. If it can’t exist at a bicycle race, than we are all f_cked.

We will continue to make preparations for the 2010 event. Stay tuned for when registration will reopen. has ensured us that the system will be working properly.
Via Downieville Classic website.

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D. Gillingham said...

I find it funny that Downieville staff tries to make it seem like it was Active's fault when the pass word was "trailstewardship". I guess active just magically came up with that and shame on you Active get it right the next time. Maybe they should consider hiring a person to just do registration for this event and nothing else? And why isn't it a lotto? That would make it fair for everyone.