Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SB Racing #1 Postponed (Again)

SBRacing-Logo.jpgIt's a bad news, good news situation with the new SB Racing Winter XC series:
Santa Teresa on 2/12/10 is now on May 8, 2010.
Please note that Round 1 will now be held May 8th as a later event in the series.

As much as we love a good mud run, we are at the mercy of the facility we are using and right now the rangers at Santa Teresa don't want their park to get hammered by us any further than Mother Nature already has. Probably understandable. As such, we are shooting for May flowers and hopefully Spring sunshine and prime racing conditions on May 8th.

Just like previously, entries to the current event are still transferable to any race in the series and we are again, very apologetic and very appreciative of your patience and understanding with the uncharacteristically wet weather.

Upcoming Events
2/20/10 Harvey Bear Ranch
3/6/10 Fort Ord
3/27/10 Henry Coe Fundraiser
4/3/10 Santa Teresa
5/8/10 Santa Teresa
Summer/Fall Series to Follow
So to recap: SB Racing series pushed back due to weather, but there may be a Summer/Fall series.

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