Thursday, February 18, 2010 Winter Series #1 is On

SBRacing-Logo.jpgWith the great weather that we've been experiencing, it looks like the Bay Area trails have dried out enough for this weekend's's Winter XC Series #1:

Wow, to get to the point where we could declare that headline has taken an immense amount of work, patience and cooperation with the rangers at Harvey Bear. In the end, we all gave a bit so that we could make this event happen. The rangers were awesome in allowing us to use the portion of the park that is in the best condition and we are planning on running this sucker rain or shine.

With the park restrictions, we are re-working the course we had originally intended. For everyone dying to know the course all we can say tonight is this: The park has been closed. It will remain closed until the race. This means that everyone will pretty much be on equal, if not unfamiliar footing. Once our Course Captain lays it out we will do our BEST to provide details to help you plan race strategy. For those thinking that SBRacing team members have home court advantage, I would just like to kindly say that our race team is largely based in Monterey and most of them have called me asking for directions to Harvey Bear...The team members who know the course will be working the event.

Last word on the course: We think it will be about a nine mile lap that breaks down like:
1 lap - Cat 3 / Beg
2 laps - Cat 2 / Sport
3 laps - Cat 1 / Expert / Pro's
IF it rains, we MAY shorten the course to keep the fun factor high and reduce the mud factor a bit. Keep in mind, we want everyone to HAVE FUN, that will be our motivation.
The race starts at 10 AM on Saturday (2/20/10) at Harvey Bear Lake (approximate map) near Gilroy, CA.

Full information available at SB RACING.

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