Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Skyline Park MTB Race Scheduled

The Eagle Cycling Club has announced the 2006 Skyline Park MTB race for Sunday, May 21st, 2006. The race, held on the former World Cup venue, benefits the Skyline Park trail system and the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League. The course is described as "A fun, demanding and challenging course. 8 miles & 1600 feet of climb per lap (subject to change) 80% single track. Uses parts of the 1999 World Cup course. Number of laps to be determined by category. Pro/Semi-pro/Expert 3 laps, Sport 2 laps, and Beginner/Junior 1 lap."
Event: Skyline Park MTB Race
Dates: May 21th, 2006
Location: 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA [ MAP ]
Competition: XC
Cost: $30 ($35 day of race)
URL: http://www.eaglecyclingclub.org/mtbike.htm
License: NCNCA (not sure what this is ?)
Registration: Mail or onsite (limit 400 riders)
This sounds like a great time to check out some Napa riding (and it doesn't conflict with anything else on the schedule !).

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1 comment:

edervjo@hotmail.com said...

I have done this race many a time in a few different configurations, so I went to pre-ride the park for the race, and the ranger said Lake Marie Rd and Manzinita trails were closed. And they are!
I happened upon a local HS racer who had a map of the trails and directions of the substitute couse.
Apparantly we go straight up Upper Skyline, to the top of Passini, turn around to Buckeye, and down Buckeye to start another lap.
It did look like someone had run a quad over the trails, as i follwed the counter-clockwise direction of this course setup.Th descent is almost entirely off-camber, decievingly fast and dangerous. Much nasty, hidden lava rock and poison oak. Don't even think about a pass.
We'll see if they run this setup or get permission to use the closed trails for the day. I saw a large excavation underway at the beginning of Lake Marie Rd. Couldn't get back to Manzinita.
If anyone has other info , let us have it !!
Good luck!