Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2006 Shasta Lemurian Update

Just wanted to post some updated information about this weekend's 2006 Shasta Lemurian.

The race organizers have posted some great course maps. Here is a link to the KML file for the Lemurian long course. KML files load in Google Earth (coolest. free. program. ever.) GPS plots the course against the terrain. Below is a terrain projection of the course (click to enlarge).

Organizers have also posted some great pictures of the course over at MTBR. Take a gander at this thread for the pics. They also have some PDF course maps over at the registration site.

The 2006 Shasta Lemurian will be held April 29th (this Saturday) at Whiskeytown NRA near Redding, CA. It is a variable distance XC race (between 8 and 26 miles depending on category) and costs $35 per rider. More details are available here.

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Anonymous said...

Distances are 8, 20 & 26 miles. Course is dry & fast, leave your fenders & mud tires at home!