Friday, April 07, 2006

RACE REPORT: Sea Otter 06 (Day 2)

Sea Otter Track

So it's day 2 already here at Sea Otter 06, and we are defying the rain gods with some pretty nice weather. Not that this is helping the course at all. The Dual Slalom practice was limited to two runs per racer yesterday and the Amateur finals just got started a little while ago. The Pro Stage race has moved from yesterday's Super XC (eh ? Isn't this short track for us mortals ?) to time trials today. Haven't seen any of it - been watching the dual slalom (they need to have more of these).

This afternoon is the Amateur Short Track, but I think I may go scout the XC course and drink some beer. I hope to have a later roundup of the day -- but it is Friday and Sierra Nevada is onsite (with the road team) . . . so it may slip.

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