Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So this will be an extended race report for the Prairie City Race Series #3 since (a) I had someone with me to take pictures (thanks kelly) and (b) I got a new GPS unit that mapped this week's course. Let's start with the track: PCRS#3 was a dry, fast and short course. Measuring only 2.72 miles and 315 feet of climbing per lap, the pace was fast and ferious from the initial downhill. The only real problematic area were a set of rollers towards the last third of the course - it often piled up with slower riders and/or crashes. There was also a small bit of mud but nothing to complain about.

With the nice weather (temps in the mid sixties), there was a huge turnout. I think I heard over the PA that there were 216 riders tonight. I seemed like the everyone had decided that today was the day to try their hand at the beginners category. Kelly said there were scads of them tonight.

PCRS#3: Final Stretch

However, like any good race, I had to lay my bike down somewhere. Today, I had my most terrifying crash this year -- I tiggered over a set of whoop-dee-doops went headlong into a erosion ravine and stacked at about 25 miles per hour. In fact, I crashed so hard (a) I believe the woman behind me gasp'd when I hit and (b) I thought I might have taco'd my front wheel (or head). Luckily, it looked far worse than it was, and after a few seconds to figure out which way I should be riding, I was back on my way. On the minus side, my crash happened right in front of a bunch of photographers, so you might see some graphic pictures over on the Race MTB site. Overall, I thought this was one of my better race -- mostly because the shorter, less climbing courses favor my larger size, but also because I felt that I was in better shape after the last week or two of solid good weather and racing. I even had negative lap times for the last two laps (yeah).

PCRS#3: Crossroads

Oh yeah, when they post the results, you need to check out the aerial photos page to see the UFO camera footage.


More photos from PCRS#3 are posted at the PCRS site. I'll link to results when they get posted (usually Thursday night). Results are posted here.

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