Sunday, April 09, 2006

RACE REPORT: 2006 Sea Otter (Day 4)

Pro XC Starting Line

So by the time I had finished my XC race, stuffed a burrito the size of a football into my face and grabbed a Sierra Nevada, the Pros were lining up to start their race. While it had been beautiful all morning, it started to turn ugly as it approached noon. The temperature dropped sharply and a cold drizzle started to fall. I siddled up close to the retaining bar and snapped a few pics of the top pros as they lined up. The one thing that struck me was, Geoff Kabush is big guy. I mean I don't shop in the petite section, but Geoff looked like football player next to the other riders. It was heartening to see someone who didn't weigh 150lbs doing well as a pro.

Geoff Kabush @ Sea Otter

Alas, this didn't appear to help him as Liam Killeen came in to the finish almost alone with a lot of chase riders a minute or so back. The race must have been a test for the riders, as both the course and the weather conspired against them. I was going to stick around for the ladies race, but between the beer and the weather it just got too cold.

Here is a roundup of the other news:

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