Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008 Northstar DH #4 Results

Results from Sunday's Northstar DH #4 race have been posted (PDF). This race was held on Gypsy for the first time.

In the female open race, Tenille Smith edged Asa Salas by 3/10th of a second (3:50.5 to 3:50.8) for the win. Mikey Sylvestri beat the Men's Pro field by almost 6 seconds for his win.

I haven't seen any pics or race reports, but dhRENO will probably have something up soon.

The final race of the Northstar season is October 5th, the 2nd Annual LiveWire Classic.

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Wil said...

www.wmsmithphoto.com has the race photos from the last 2 races.