Sunday, October 26, 2008

UK High School Gets Mountain Bike Track

Yes, this is cool:
"How cool is this: Bannerman High in Baillieston, Scotland just opened a $65K mountain bike track for students to hone their skills on campus. I don’t know about you but at my high school it was a big deal just to get a 1/4 mile paved jogging track put in around the soccer field. A mountain bike track would have been out of the question in the old days but as the sport gets more participation and mainstream media coverage perhaps we’ll start to see mountain bike tracks popping up in the US…"
Via UK High School Gets Mountain Bike Track.

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kesha said...

This is the biggest week of the year for mountain biking in UK, when world class riders will return to Fort William for the seventh successive year. The current downhill course has an enviable reputation, but often proves too difficult for the majority of keen mountain bikers. Mountain biking is an exciting and growing sport in Scotland which attracts riders of all ages. It is crucial that there is a network of good quality tracks and facilities across Scotland to ensure riders from general participation to excellence level are catered for and the new track being developed at Fort William will go a long way to achieving this.


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