Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 CCCX XC #1 Official Results

CCCX #1 at Fort Ord produced some outstanding racing action with well deserved winners in all divisions. The race course was peppered with constant rain and and off throughout the day. This made for some technical racing on a slippery track that featured many power sapping sections. Most of the trails held up well during the first races held at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. However, the Expert/Pro race which was contested last on the day, became a true battle of attrition for the riders. "Epic" could describe the hard racing that hit the riders going at it on a course that faced constant rain. Slide outs and equipment issues became common place in the wet conditions. Some riders could not finish, others came in one by one, all with a story to tell......

Results are up for the CCCX XC opener:Congrats to division winners on the day:
PRO/EXPERT WOMEN- Jamie Stamps- Another Bike Shop
PRO/SEMI-PRO MEN- Menso DeJong- Santa Cruz Bicycles
EXPERT 18 & under- Tylor Giger- Salinas H.S. Cowboy Racing
EXPERT 19-34- Brian Butler- Joselyn's/Burnham Racing
EXPERT 35-44- Alexander Rouch- Joselyn's/Burnham Racing
EXPERT 45-54- Scott Calley- VOS/Cycles Gladiator
EXPERT 60+ - Jeffrey Linder- Plus 3
PRO/EXPERT SINGLE SPEED - Eric Thunstrom- SCCCC/Team Santa Cruz
SPORT 18 & under - Stephen Crowley- Cowboy Racing
SPORT MEN 19-34- Joseph Brody- Beaver Racing
SPORT MEN 35-44 - Frank Pinto- Joselyns
SPORT MEN 45-55- Jim Werle- Sterling Sports Group
SPORT MEN 55+ - Joseph Crabtree- Forest Hill Bike Shop
SPORT SINGLE SPEED- Tom Biggs- Ghost Tree Racing
CLYDESDALE- Daymon Prewitt- Me
SPORT WOMEN 34 & under- Sofia Gomez Villafane- Los Gatos H.S. MTB
SPORT WOMEN 35-44- Jen Lucia- SCCCC
SPORT WOMEN 45+- Sue Lovecchio- Velo Bella
JUNIOR MEN 14-18 - Nick Casaccia- Famiily Cycling
BEGINNING MEN 19-34 - Nathan Cuifford- Mountain View
BEGINNING MEN 35-44- Eric Ellis- Nipomo
BEGINNING MEN 45-54 - Bob Daw- WheelAway Cycle Center
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under - Jake Carrade- San Rafael
BEGINNING WOMEN 19+ - Thea Stein - Velo Girls
JUNIOR WOMEN 18 & under - Olivia Hays- Monterey Bay KingFishers

See the previous post for race reports and photos.

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