Monday, February 09, 2009

2009 MTB Challenge #1 Race Report

Quick update: overall results and divisional results posted.

Sorry about the delay but got sidetracked before putting together my race report. To make up for it, here is some quick video of the end of the race with a bit of the awards:

And here is my race report from the race:
The theme for my race day was "late." Late to get up, late out of the house, late to register and late on the course. I got to the registration table with 10 minutes to spare but didn't manage to make it up line in time for my categories start. I decided to just take off with the Novice group and see how it went.

Which was good, because even the Novice group was kicking my *ss. As someone else mentioned, the course was really quick and everyone looked to be in mid-season shape. Top experts were logging 25 minute laps (for 4 laps), Sports were in the 27 minute/lap range and some "Novices" were sub 30 minute/laps. Needless to say, I was not in any of those groups.

I got a decent but not good first lap down and started to warm up in the second. In fact, I even pulled a negative lap time but the third lap was my Waterloo. On a course which mandates flowy, momentum riding, I was tired and out of sync with some lower back pain (apparently I am not in "mid-season shape"). Towards the end of the race, I was felt like I was going backwards while battling the headwinds on the final stretch.

Net result: just missed racking up my first DFL of the season.
I clocked the course at about 6 miles per lap (first lap was 1 mile longer due to lead over levy) and 650' climbing per lap. It was pretty much like last year's MTB Challenge except you took the Cyclocross start (away from parking area, up on the levy and then to the "normal" course. Here's what it looks like on the map:
There are some photos on MTBR and Ron has posted his single speed race report on his new blog.

The next MTB Challenge race is in two weeks (2/22).

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