Thursday, February 12, 2009

Downieville Classic Update

136F0394-3648-4F18-9EC0-C8BE8945816E.jpgInteresting little update on the Downieville Classic website:
STAY TUNED for the following new developments:
  • Title Sponsor pulls-out and leaves event in jeopardy. Remaining sponsors asked to step-up.
  • Talks resume with sanctioning body over Official All-Mountain World Championships.
  • Saddle Tramps confirmed for July 11th street party.
  • Say goodbye to downhill only categories, it's All-Mountain, all the time.
  • Mark Weir threatens retirement from the event. Jason Moeschler pledges to try harder.
  • So some of this definitely sounds like some pre-race hype (do you need hype for a race that sells out within 1 hour ?) but it's interesting that the Downhill only registration may be over. I, for one, think that's great but ... there will certainly be some unhappy campers.

    Registration for the LOTTERY (?) is stated to open on March 15th at 8:00PM.


    Anonymous said...

    Getting a slot is like winning the lottery.

    Anonymous said...

    if you think doing away with the dh is good you suck!

    Anonymous said...

    if you think doing away with the downhill only is dumb then go to one of the million other gravity only lazy ass dhs. all mountain is just that all mountain. the classic is the best and dh in the world and if you want to do well in it you will need to be in shape. earn your dh in the xc suckas