Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Team Bigfoot Finalizes 2009 Giant NorCal Series

Team Bigfoot has posted their 2009 race schedule along with this year's NorCal series events. It appears that this year's series will be sponsored by Giant Bicycles and will encompass 11 races stretching from Monterey/Salinas thru Weaverville, CA. Here are the dates for this year's races:
Giant 2009 Northern California Series
03/22: CCCX (DH/SuperD)
04/05: Napa Valley Dirt Classic (XC)
04/25: Lemurian Classic (XC)
05/02: CCCX (XC)
05/24: Gravity Day* (SuperD, DH)
06/14: Skyline Park (XC)
06/21: CCCX (XC but I think this is actually a DH/Super D)
06/28: CCCX (XC)
08/09: Howell Mountain Classic (XC)
09/25: Whiskeytown Classic* (XC, ST, SuperD)
10/16: Lagrange Fall Classic* (DH, XC, ST, SuperD)

* the asterisk denotes Team Bigfoot events.
You can find all these listed under the tag "2009 norcal series" over on mtbcalendar.com.

I'll have Team Bigfoot's 2009 Endurance series dates tomorrow.

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