Thursday, February 05, 2009

Team Bigfoot's 2009 Endurance Series Schedule

As promised on Tuesday, here are Team Bigfoot's Endurance dates for 2009:
Team Bigfoot 2009 Endurance Series
05/23: 12 Hours of Weaverville (Weaverville, CA)
08/22: 12 Hours of Humboldt (Arcata, CA)
09/05: Clikapudi Six To Midnight (Shasta Lake, CA)
10/03: Whiskeytown 9-5 & 24 Hours of Whiskeytown (Whiskeytown Lake, CA)
TBD (Maybe August): 12 Hours of Kirkwood (Lake Tahoe, CA)
I'm very interested to see if they can pull of the 12 Hours of Kirkwood event.

You can get find all these races under the tag "2009 team bigfoot endurance series" at

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