Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 Grasshopper Adventure Series

GAS09_Pstr.jpgThis is another post that has sat in my INBOX for far too long ... The famed Grasshopper Adventure Series has stepped up this year and gone from not-so-casual ride to a full race with USA Cycling backing. In it's 11th year, based out of Occidental in Western Sonoma County this race series covers both road and mountain courses. The first race was February 28th (MTB/cross) and the top five results are:
  1. Geoff Kabush
  2. Max Plaxton, ST
  3. Barry Wicks
  4. Kris Sneddon
  5. Aren Timmel
Races are $10 + USA Cycling license (1 day licenses available). The next race is April 11th, a long loop at Lake Sonoma and is always epic.

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miguel said...

Howdy all, this is Miguel and I've been organizing these "underground" "races" for the last 10(11) years. Everyone is welcome but...these are not races but in fact USAC sanctioned training rides. It's an important distinction. Yes, the group tends to be fast but there are others who take their time...all if they like.There are no road closures or race marshalls. ] This is our first years getting insurance and signing waivers but there are no categories, no prizes, no mythological upgrade points. Still sound fun, come on down.