Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TBF Crowns 2009 MTB Challenge Series Winners

370D0A17-6EE9-4C74-85D9-7DE857E4F27A.jpgTBF Racing has posted the names of this year's MTB Challenge Series Champions:
Junior Male Neilson Powless
Junior Female Avery Morin
Novice Male 19-under Matthew Decker
Novice Male 20-29 Kenneth Nelson
Novice Male 30-39 Eric Mork
Novice Male 40-49 Steve Foreman
Novice Male 50-59 Donald Staniszewski
Novice Male 60+ George Palma
Novice Female 19-under Kayla Bruce
Novice Female 20-29 Tina Kukharets
Novice Female 30-39 Gypsy Tippett
Novice Female 40-49 Debbie Hawley
Novice Female 50-59 Lynn Yelland
Single Speed Female Open Jillian Kollman
Single Speed Female Masters Yvette Crockell
Single Speed Male Open Galen Shumaker
Single Speed Male Masters Michael Mann
Sport Male 19-under Alex Wild
Sport Male 20-29 Antonio Miranda
Sport Male 30-39 Joshua Tonnissen
Sport Male 40-49 Shemp Howard
Sport Male 50-59 Paul Falvey
Sport Female 30-39 Kimberly Alvarez
Sport Female 40-49 Kristi Morin
Sport Female 50-59 Suzanne Swimley
Expert Male 20-29 Clint Claassen
Expert Male 30-39 Chris Schulze
Expert Male 40-49 Keith Defeibre
Expert Male 50-59 Christopher Holmes
Expert Female 19-under Shayna Powless
Expert Female 30-39 Jeanie Van Voris
Expert Female 40-49 Chris Patterson
Expert Female 50-59 Patty Jo Struve
Pro Male Kyle Stock
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