Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NorCal MTB HS Welcomes Shimano as Sponsor

From the ever efficient NorCal MTB High School League PR machine:
With the racing season only days away, Shimano has come forward to back the programs of the Northern California High School MTB Racing League and the Southern California Interscholastic Cycling League, in a new sponsorship deal that will see Shimano have a presence at the League events and in League literature.

The Shimano sponsorship comprises both cash and product contributions to support the League’s continued innovation in the realm of race production. The League’s sophisticated race results and team scoring program (Developed by volunteer Francis Chapman), which includes features such as on the fly Wi-Fi broadcast and automatic team scoring, will be named “Results cranked out by Shimano” to honor their support. In addition, product support will allow the League’s volunteer mechanic, Lincoln Linsmith, to provide neutral support at the (NorCal) races.

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