Monday, May 15, 2006

2006 US MTB Championship Registration Open

Cougar Mtn XC Race Starting Line
After the confusion and controversy of last week's Championship relocation, USA Cycling is starting to put some details behind the new schedule. Today, the Cougar Mountain Classic registration website has been remade with the new events and information for the championship. Here's the lowdown:

Cross Country (XC): This appears to be the same course as last year -- a "7.7-mile cross country course uses 1,500 rolling, grassy acres northwest of Infineon Raceway." It has a few tough climbs, but is technically very easy. You must qualify for this race. I'll post some more information on this course later this week.

Downhill (DH): Also appears to be mostly the same course as last year: "Expect runs with plenty of natural jumps, g-outs, banked and off-camber turns. On a clear day, from the start house, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline." I've got some video from last year that I will post in the next week or so. You also must qualify for this race.
Infineon Raceway

Mountain Cross (MTX): Same location as last year (see the picture below and click on it for details), but probably a different layout: "Expect a fast course with a furiously fast downhill sprint to the first corner followed by tall berms, multiple 120° to 180° turns, step-ups, rhythm sections, tabletops, and a wide, straight finish sprint." I thought this was a pretty good course last year -- not too hard, not too easy. You must qualify for this race.

Short Track (ST): They didn't offer this last year at Cougar Mountain, so I am not sure where it will be held: "Course design is being done at this time and we will post more details once it is final. Please check back later." Sounds like they don't either. You don't need to qualify for this.

Six Hour Marathon (MA): Last year it was 8 hours, but it certainly on the same course as the XC: "MTB riders will ride Saturday's cross country course." No qualifying necesssary.

Super D (SD): I don't think they did this at Cougar Mountain last year either, so I am not sure where they will do it. Probably share some of the downhill course. No qualify here either.

The full event schedule posted here. Online registration is open until July 9th, 2006. Prices range from $25 to $60 per event.

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