Friday, May 05, 2006

Norcal Racing This Weekend: May 5 - 6, 2006

Not much on the NorCal MTB Racing calendar this weekend:
SATURDAY into SUNDAY is The Coolest 24 HR Race Against Cancer in Cool, CA. I've got a scouting report on the course and information for those late entrants. It looks like the course will actually be the opposite direction from March's Cool MTB race, which will make it a bit safer descent after dark.

SATURDAY in Northern Nevada (Winnemucca, NV to be exact) is the Nevada Passage's Bloody Shins Trail race. Part of a longer multi-sport event, this race is a bit of a drive (4+ hours from Sacto) but might be pretty cool, especially if you are getting into adventure racing or offroad triathlons.
Myself, I'll be showing up at the Coolest 24 race (maybe even entering the 8 hr event if I can) and taking some epic rides. There are always some roadtrip you could take too (search for ROADTRIP at the top of the page).

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