Sunday, May 07, 2006

RACE REPORT: 2006 Bloody Shins Trail

The folks at the Nevada Passage are really on the ball. They had the race results up and posted by the end of each day with a little narrative of the days events. Quite a change from some of the races (I'm talking about you Billy Cross Racing :> ). In the Bloody Shins Trail MTB race, Chris Bondurant (Boise, ID) won the 24 mile experts race in 2:31, while Danny Knoll (Fernley, NV) won the 12 mile sport division at 1:21:10 and Valerie DellaRusso (South Lake Tahoe, CA) took the 7 mile beginner prize in 00:37:18.

Full results available at the Nevada Passage Day One results page, while a good writeup is available here. The Nevada Passage also had some running and kayaking events that looked interesting.

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