Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Another almost perfect night for racing out at Prairie City. A little on the warm side for some but just right for me. I'm not sure if we had a record attendance last night, but there were certainly a huge crowd -- they also announced that they had reached over 400 registered riders for the race series.

PCRS6 Sport Finisher
The track was the same layout as PCRS#3: fast, dusty and bit a bit longer. Measuring only 2.85 miles and 327 feet of climbing per lap, the pace was fast from the start. However, there were a few technical points on the course (I think someone endo'd during warmup and had to take a trip to the hospital). The steep rocky dropoff near the second to last hill and the jump that you really needed to double came to mind. There were also a pretty big detour this week to accomodate the MX Hangtown Races that are coming next week. Below is a map of this week's course (slightly rotated to show the whole course).

(PCRS#6 course map courtesy of Google Earth)

The elevation wasn't bad at all. The course modifications took out one of the steepest climbs near the end of the lap.

For me, this was the first decent race that I rode all year. I felt good from start to finish, I kept lap times within reason and didn't have a single digger or mechanical. If I had to hazard a guess, I think I finished middle of the pack in my category. I certainly passed more people than passed me this week.

Full photo sets for PCRS #6 are posted here. I'll link to the results (usually posted here) later tonight when they are revealed. No race next week due to the Hangtown Motocross races.

UPDATE: Results have been posted.

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