Saturday, July 21, 2007

2007 Northstar XC #3

Northstar XC #4 race results have been posted over at the Northstar at Tahoe summer site.

Congratulations to Robert Wassmer (Beginner 17-), Mackenzie Findlay (Female Beginner), Christine Weir (Female Jr), Dora Weir (Female Sport), Nate Byrom (Jr Expert), Jeff Schwarz (Male Beginner), Scott Fifield (Male Expert), Matt Dettori (Sport 26-), Eric Skoog (Sport 26 - 34), Andrew Donahey (Sport 34 - 44), Robert Weir (Sport 44 - 54) and William Dunkum (Sport 55+).

Unfortunately, they seem to be only keeping the last two results (must be out of paper :>).

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