Monday, July 16, 2007

UNOFFICIAL Downieville Classic Pro Results

So no official race results posted yet, but rumors are that Jason Moeschler won the men's pro xc, Rachel LLoyd won the women's pro xc and Mark Weir won the men's DH (again). No word on the all-mountain titles. Apparently, DH Pro's Eric Carter and Nathan Rennie also showed up for the race.

UPDATE (07/16/07): Some pictures of a few of the result pages are up over on MTBR. It looks like Jason Moeschler won the All-Mountain title (again) by beating Mark Weir by more in the XC race than Mark beat him in the DH.

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Anonymous said...

Jason won the All-Mtn by 2 minutes over Mark Weir. But, the real race was the (first ever) Junior All Mtn division. Menso DeJong won the XC with Nate Byrom second. Nate won the Downhill with Menso second. The result was that Menso (18 year old) narrowly bested Nate (16 yo) to win the Junior All-Mtn. These kids are CRAZY FAST!